I feel like in each New January I find myself saying the same thing every year…WOW…where has the time gone?  Can you believe its already here and then gone?!  We are not the type who think it’s time we start a new resolution for the year, yet every new year that lil small part of me says, hmmm, maybe this year!  Haha!  So many things happen in a year, yet it seems as though we never have enough time in the day, let alone to feel like we did all that we should in the past year.  We have been so excited to make such an impact of change in so many areas of our life, yet it has been juuuust around the corner for way too long.  It’s always challenging, full of wonder, curiosity, determination as well as the unexpected, when you are in route to swim upstream.  I truly believe that when you are a beacon of light and love to this world, you are going against the grain and the evil one is always trying to snuff your torch!  The last year and a half has been one of the most difficult we have ever faced!  So that corner had moved to blocks and blocks away!  Unthought of pain and hurt, deep sorrow, emptiness, oh so empty, fear, regret, sadness, desperation…  As I look at these words they don’t even begin to describe the emotional wreckage!  Although so many jarring moments seem like yesterday, I find myself sitting here as I type with the slightest smirk on my face through it all.  Even though we have so much on our plates and so much to get done, I have a complete peace that it will all work out for good!  I have the best hubby in the world who always knows what to say, and reminds me to stay calm as we work through the madness.   And I have such Faith and trust that my God is bigger, and He will never give me more than I can bear, who also knows how to fill my cup, and shows me His hand is in every aspect of our lives!  I just have to remind myself of that as I look at my ever rolling todo list!  So I thought I would start off with our site/blog…since they are far at the bottom of the list, (my apologies to the blog/facebook world…excited to update with new stuff in the months/years to come, lol) for now, I thought it would be fun to do a post to start off the year from the last.  We grabbed these pics from some of our memories we captured…mostly from our phones!  Enjoy!