One of our Fabulous 2015 Bride and Grooms!  …seriously long post, but so much to share.


The day after…Twenty years ago I remember this beautiful little newborn baby coming into this world. I was so excited to have a little niece! I looked forward to the days I would be able to pick out little princess outfits for her, tie ribbons in her hair, and do things to make her smile. Life has gone by so fast! Yesterday was no exception. It’s hard to believe that it has already come and gone! Though we are thoroughly exhausted running on minimal sleep from all the wedding prep and design, we remember the beauty and the special moments of this day for these two. She had the princess dress, instead of ribbons in her hair, I tied them on her bouquet, and we did everything we could to make her smile! Now she has her prince, who has made her dreams come true! Cory is a true man that will love and cherish her always! It’s the beginning of their Forever!Congratulations Cory and Sam! It was a gorgeous day! We are so happy for you and we love you both!