Holy hot!! There isn’t really another way to describe it, ha! This summer had some of the hottest days, and this wedding day seemed to be the peak of them all when the heat index was expected to hit 110…and it did not disappoint!!  It was a perfect day for an INDOOR wedding downtown Grand Rapids…did we say hot?!? 


A boutique hotel with each room unique to itself City Flats Hotel was the perfect laid back location for Elaina getting ready.  She started here with her family and friends, each a special part of their big day.  


Almost every dad imagines and most little girls dream of the day he walks her down the aisle, but not all get to experience it.  Through the years I can’t count the numerous weddings we have had with brides who have had this piece of their puzzle missing from their perfect day.  We are humbled and honored to share so many memories and moments of daughters missing this significant element of their wedding.  With each raw story, we do our best to capture that memory and the place made for the fathers that will never walk them down the aisle, but that are with them and holding them arm and arm from above.  


Ben and Elaina’s day was extra special, the ceremony held at Fountain Street Church, with her dad watching them from above. His sister-her Aunt, bought Elaina’s beautiful dress in significance and honor of him.  No detail to spare, her dress perfectly adorned with uniquely designed lace, looks to be custom made to take her down the aisle. Along with buying her dress and helping her get ready, Elaina’s Aunt had such a special part in their wedding, walking her dad’s boutonnière down the aisle and placing it in the chair held just for him.  


Elaina carried one of the most beautiful bouquets I have ever seen (done by the amazing Modern Day Floral who always knocks it out of the park!)  Her arm in her brother’s who proudly walked her down the aisle, along with a pearl stranded rosary and an image of her father adorned to her bouquet.  


She was given away to such a good guy whom you can see cares so deeply for her.  A Groom completely smitten and cherishes his beautiful Bride!  So many moments in the day and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.  


In the midst of the heat and the shuffle of the event Ben and Elaina made the most of their day, regardless of the crazy heatwave!  They celebrated into the evening at the City Flats Ballroom downtown Grand Rapids with stunning displays of pink and gold over gorgeously draped fabrics on each table with multiple shades of warm and bright pink including peonies, roses and orchids, dancing into the night. It’s such a joy to share the wedding of an amazing couple who just adores and cares for each other like Ben and Elaina! 


Anyone who was a part of their special day will for sure remember two things, one-it was hotter than a firecracker and two-that Ben and Elaina absolutely dig each other!


Cheers to these two!!