So this was fun! Last minute cold shenanigans with littles are always up in the air for what they will turn out like.  We were heading down to their area for Thanksgiving so a few days before my niece Sam asked if we'd take family pics of her and Cory and the girls.  Sure!  Cory and Sam have two adorable little princesses, so they picked up some cute coordinating little buffalo check outfits for them...pretty sure Emmy was the only one feeling cozy in that snuggly little sherpa jacket!  I always say if I had gloves my fingers wouldn't be so numb...but I cant stand shooting in gloves, ha!  Plus if I had gloves on, then I wouldn't feel them going numb, which is a great indicator of how my models are doing and when it's time to go get warm! lol!

Check out this 15 minute little sesh.  A quick pop out on the vintage sofa in the beautiful but chilly outdoors gives you full opportunity to be queen of the couch, well at least if you are Logan it does!  I got busted for trying to remove the blanket and pillows! Haha!  She has so much energy, love and hugs for her mommy and daddy and especially her baby sister Emersyn, whom is nearly not a baby anymore.  I believe Emersyn has won the smile award. She's such a happy trooper, cheesing at all the crazy, even in the cold.  


Love. all. their. smiles!


...a few outtakes at the end...


Look at the love!  Of course it's time to hold hands, it's chilly out!


Of course you get a little goofy when your uncle is dancing around like a jumping bean and tickling you!

The face of someone who thinks we're all crazy and is over this kind of fun 1 minute in, lol!


The perfect load of cuteness right here!

These two!  I am so happy to see they have found a forever love with each other and have been blessed with two little angels to spread their joy...but it was time for them to go in after 10 minutes!


Of course when your aunt and uncle are shooting, they're going to capture the cheese!