About Jeanine


Feel free to call me Jeanine or J9…most people call me J9 because it is easier to remember. I LOVE LOVE LOVE traveling, weddings, dancing, (yes, that’s us 10yrs later in Glenn's pic…they played “Brown Eyed Girl”…which is what I walked down the aisle to… the guests grabbed our cameras and yelled “DANCE you two!!!”) also love camping, beaches and the water, being outside, getting under the covers in MY bed, pregnant bellies, babies and kittens!! Oh, they’re so cute!! I Love my best friend-my hubby and Jesus even more ;) Woo Hoo!! Chat with my mom just about everyday…she is the best momma ever! Never have spent too much quality time with my family. Organized chaos is how I roll…I keep it more on the organized side as often as possible. I have no problem laughing at myself…do it often! (you should have seen me learn how to swing a golf club, you would have laughed too). I hate saying no, but I’m getting better at it. I can’t tell a lie…when we meet remind me to tell you the story…it’s pretty funny. For me, details make EVERY thing better. I don’t NEED gourmet food, but I never turn it down…the better the presentation, the better the food tastes…mmm. Cooking…rarely use a recipe…if I do, I make my own adjustments…can’t help it. I can never have too many purses or shoes or jewelry…funky flip flops are my favorite…sliiiiightly addicted to JCrew! LOVE to dress up fancy and go somewhere with my hubby. I never try to be the life of the party, I just have to have fun. Never have seen too many palm trees or sandy beaches or little tropical drinks with umbrellas…I could spend everyday at the beach with my hubby…maybe not Christmas day…LOVE snow on Christmas! Clean is always better than dirty and disorganized…de-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter! …never get tired of reorganizing and redecorating. If something doesn’t work, I WILL find a way to make it work… jerry-rigging is my specialty. Can’t wait to have a project/art room…it will be HUGE!!! I don’t take pictures just for money or praise (unfortunately I can’t do it for free) I simply LOVE what I do, and when someone raves about my work, it fuels my passion. Meeting new people is fun and it’s always refreshing getting to know a new bride and hearing about the details they are planning for their big day. I sometimes think I should be a wedding planner/ designer because weddings are just soo much stinkin fun, and I want to do it all! If you love my work, let’s talk details, I am excited to meet you!



About Glenn


I Love Jesus, my wife, my family and my friends. I am married to THE most amazing woman in the world and even though people told me “IT” would wear off, “IT” sure hasn’t!!! Jeanine is my Favorite person in the world :) Yes, this is supposed to be about me but since I am typing I can say what I want, right? I still love to hold her hand as much as I did the first time. Honestly, my life was pretty boring before I met her. I would play sports and watch movies and watched way too much Tv. We were best friends before she realized the full extent of my charm. She taught me how to dance at the age of 23. I really had never danced before…was even bad at clapping to the beat of a song at the time…sad, I know, but now I love to dance! …I’m not very good, but I have way more fun than I ever did before I met her. Ok, here is another one…I learned how to ride a bike at the age of 28…long funny story, but it’s true! Photography is the first creative outlet that I have had unless you count 2nd grade when a friend taught me how to color inside the lines of my coloring books. Other little quirks you may need to know…I can eat breakfast 3 meals a day…Jeanine makes the best egg and cheese english muffin thingys. Details don’t make everything better…Cheese does :lol:! I can always count on my jokes being funny 60% of the time. Whenever I get the urge to clean and organize, I lay down until it passes. LOVE being a beach bum. If something doesn’t work I will throw it away and move on as fast as I can…or give it to Jeanine. And no one has ever accused me of being the life of the party…yet! Enough about me, I want you to get an idea of why I LOVE my wife and have a blast taking pictures with her. I really could spend every day all day with her 24/7/365… she has always brought out the best in me. I always assisted her at weddings with batteries and lighting until one wedding she put a camera in my hand and said “here I need your help…take good pictures!” I said, “who me? ok…how does this thing work?” We shot that wedding together and I have been hooked ever since. Well, that’s me in a nutshell. No! This is me in a nutshell: “Help! I’m in a nutshell…look at the size of this nutshell! Will someone get me out of this crazy nutshell?!!!”