◊ I want photos like that of us!  How do I hire you as my wedding photographer ? 

I would love to meet you!  If you are out of state and our schedules don’t allow it then we can make due talking on the phone.  As far as booking me though, all I need is a signed copy of your wedding agreement and a minimum of 50% retainer.  Then your day is booked solid.


◊ So I totally LOVE your work!  But the collection I love is out of my budget…what can I do?

See our Registry Section on the main menu for details!


◊ Do you travel?

Absolutely!  Travel is one of our favorite things to do!       Have passport – will travel for weddings or any pictures, for that matter… anywhere!


◊ Do you charge extra for travel?

All travel in the lower peninsula of Michigan is included in your wedding package unless an additional night’s stay is required for shooting your Rehearsal.  As for other travel expenses… let’s talk.


◊ How many photos will  you take?

Since I shoot digitally, I do not limit the number of photos I will take.  As each wedding is unique, I will photograph as much as necessary to capture the moments that define your big day.


◊ How do I get detailed info about the packages you offer?

Go to our CONNECT Section to fill out your info and your interest in our Wedding Collections.  My goal is to respond to your request within 48 hours M-F during business hours.  Wedding commissions with Jeanine include:-Jeanine plus Glenn-Engagement Session-Coverage-The right to brag you received the best wedding images ever! 


◊ I am working with a budget and not sure which collection I really need?

I totally recommend that you invest in what you feel is most important to making and remembering the Fabulousness of your big day.


◊ Do you have different styles of albums?

I have an amazing variety of album styles ranging from High End Hand Crafted Albums to simple Coffee Table Albums and Books with a shabby-chic look… and just about anything in between!  We even offer Customized Guest Signature books, with your Engagement Session photos.


◊ Can I customize my package further?

Additions to all packages can be added on at anytime from the A La Carte selections.


◊ What is your photographic style?

I call it  “Making You Look Fabulous!” …I do whatever is necessary to make you look amazing.  I find terms used to describe photographic style are so misused that they’re practically meaningless.  If our pictures speak to YOU then you’ll know it’s YOUR style.  And that’s what’s most important.  Some would call it lifestyle, photojournalistic, editorial or candid.  My style is all about capturing the REAL you looking your Best and the real emotion of your big day.  Unobtrusively.


◊ Do you do traditional wedding photographs, too?

Traditional wedding photography has been pretty cheesy, posed looking and/or boring. So I’d have to say, “NO.”  But if you mean do I take traditional family pictures in addition… yes.   The wedding day is a time to celebrate, relax and enjoy the fun!  I prefer to have photos that capture the day as it really looked vs. spend time consuming hours on posed photos.  (Of course we must do some family photos but not too many.)  I want images that capture the inner person you know your friends and family to be, not just their “photo faces”. I appreciate the value of and the history behind the traditional family portrait, and while they may not be as exciting as some of our more informal portraiture, they serve an important function.


◊ Do you need a meal at my wedding?

Yes!  The very last thing you want is your Photographer low on fuel, trying to keep the juices flowing!!  We include in all of our Wedding Agreements that two meals need to be provided for your Photographer(s).  And we don’t mind a bit to have a table in the hallway, or in the corner to mow down our food!  During dinner there isn’t much to photograph anyway, but we still are up and down from our seats keeping an eye out!


◊ Do you have a second shooter?

Yes!  My husband Glenn shoots every wedding with me!  We are a Husband and Wife Photography team and we love working together!


◊ Do you work from a shot list?



◊ Can you tell me why we should choose you?

1. Photos are important to you! You want your wedding photos to be Fabulous! I will want your photos to rock! Remember, there are no do-overs in wedding photography. You don’t want your wedding pictures to end up anything less than Stellar!

2. You feel something when you see my photos and you like that feeling – you appreciate how they look more alive, more real life, more fun, more… something! And you want that.

3. Like us, you‘re one of those people who hates your picture taken so you want a photographer who makes it easy, fun, and effortless.

4. You are the type of person who prefers to deal directly with your photographer, insuring you the one-on-one personalized attention you deserve from start to finish.

5. You think that most photographers’ wedding work looks pretty much the same and you want something better – something more you and not so ‘generic’.

6. You are particular about details! So am I!!!

7. You understand that your photographer is going to be an integral part of your entire wedding experience and you want someone who can put you at ease and add to the enjoyment of your big day.

8. You are IN love and you LOVE the idea of what your wedding day symbolizes. I LOVE weddings and what they stand for and that is one of the things that keeps each wedding fresh and edgy. For me…it’s all about YOUR day… not someone else’s that I have already photographed or am about to photograph. When we book a wedding, no matter what the timing is, even if it fit in the schedule, we will NEVER book more than one wedding in a day! (Unless you and your best friend were having a double wedding together… 8) ) It’s all about you and your day!

9. You’re fun! Fun people always choose to hire me

10.  You love my photos. If you don’t, then I am probably not what you are looking for, I can’t talk anyone into loving my work.


◊ You make it sound like the personality of the photographer is important! Why?

Have you ever had to spend 8 hours with someone you didn’t click with? I have. Whomever you choose as your photographer will be with you most of your big day (the most hectic, emotional, fabulous and fun day of your life so far). You want to feel comfortable with and confident in your photographer. You want someone who knows when to take charge and when to be invisible. I recommend making sure you feel good about all your vendors. I’ve been photographing a wedding where one of the other vendors tried to pick a fight with one of the guests! .. not my style, not cool!


◊ What happens after the wedding?

My goal is to be your photographer for life. You may never speak with your florist, dressmaker, caterer, DJ or band after your wedding day, but your work with your photographer has only just begun. Our relationship continues long after your wedding day. From your Images in your Online Gallery after your wedding to the album and print process just beginning…


◊ Will you photograph my Rehearsal?

Yes, absolutely! We begin when you do, and go into the night with everyone else! We love rehearsals as they allow us to capture those first moments of emotion, prepping for your big day ahead! Commissions vary depending on several factors. Contact us for details.


◊ How long will you keep the original digital files or negatives? Can I buy them?

Technically we will hold onto your digital images for the duration of your Gallery only, which usually is three months. However, I back up my files and keep them for a serious amount of time later, outside of an act of God. So there is always a chance if your gallery has ended, and you lost all of your copies, you will still have the option to purchase a new gallery listing as well as an additional set of digital images.


◊ Do I get a copy of my images? Do I have to wait a certain period of time?

Most wedding collections include digital images. Once you purchase your Digital Images then you can do most anything with them as you choose. Digital Images are available as soon as your gallery goes live to view. There’s no waiting period. DVD/ Flash Drives are available for purchase. I don’t hold onto your Digital Images once they are ready, to force you to print with me (tacky). I do recommend printing your images through me as professional quality prints DO make a difference in the final appearance of your images. (plus our print pricing is exceptionally reasonable for the quality that you will receive.)


◊ Can I make my own prints? Or post them on Facebook?

As long as you purchase your Digital Images they’re your pictures. I think posting them on Facebook is a great idea and would be fabulous if you tag Jeanine Glenn Photography! ;) Of course there’s a huge difference between a print you make at your local printer from a proof and those we can print for you.


◊ This FAQ goes on forever. Does it ever end?

Eventually.  But if you’re still reading you must be really interested in this kind of stuff and that’s why we’ve provided so much information.  Just to make people like you 100% comfortable. 


◊ Do you schedule portrait and engagement sessions on the weekends?

Sessions are available M-F only.  As we spend most weekends shooting weddings anyway.  It never hurts to ask though.  If we are available, an exception could be made for an additional fee.


◊ Can we get our pictures by Christmas?

In order to guarantee your photos by Christmas your session must be booked for September or earlier.


◊ What should I wear for my portrait/ engagement session?

You want outfits that are simple. Simple with a funky twist. Bold writing/patterns or large logos can be distracting in a photo and usually do NOT look good! Check out our General Session Info section.


◊ What if I have questions that are not listed here?

Give me a call at six.one.six – 9.one.5 – 9.two.9.six. I’d love to hear what you’re planning and discuss how I can start preserving your memories for you.